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About Phil

Phil’s career in recruitment & staffing commenced nearly 3 decades ago. His career has taken him from Melbourne to London, and back to Melbourne, where he started Consultive - a search firm to the built environment. It has seen him working with corporate, SME and Start Up businesses, across a Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia. What Phil is proudest of is introducing people & businesses that meet people's life goals, career ambitions & dreams, and assisting businesses in achieving strategic objectives and growing... A Better Life & Better Business.

Phil’s purpose is to enable & empower people to grow and realise their potential. Partner with Aaron Gatt to form Amica Talent is a great achievement for both of us, and personally significantly fulfilling. The dream, supported by our strategy, to work globally, with global and local clean energy businesses is bold, challenging, and exciting. From the start we have worked globally, all enable by trust, collaboration, and understanding between the Amica Talent team, clean energy people & businesses.

Away from work Phil is firstly a proud and loving husband and father of 3, and lives in the inner Melbourne beach suburb of Middle Park. Triathlons and long rides have taken a passenger seat to ferrying kids around for sports and activities, though Phil still manages to ride 200-300km & run 20km a week. Keeping fit and healthy enables great relationship, focus, energy & vest for a fantastic & fulfilling life.

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